• Jody Grose

The Gift of Presence

Being truly present in any moment is a most authentic experience, yet our thoughts are often consumed with past and future memories or stories, making presence a rare experience in most of our daily lives.

Strong emotions often bring us present to the here and now. Grief, anger, love seem to bypass the mind chatter of the ego, so that awarenesses in the present moment is all that is revealed. Being in awe also creates this experience; a sunset, a babies smile, a moonlit night in the forest…

The practice of meditation is a tool for quieting and noticing the incessant chatter of the mind, so that being present is a possibility. By closing your eyes, focusing on your breath, the long journey from head to heart can begin.

Take a moment now to breathe, listen, and feel, what is present in this moment.

Allow this moment to inspire you. What is the gift of this moment offering you?

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