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Coronavirus and Fear: How do you process Fear?

"Every turning point, brings us to a conscious decent to face our fear." Michale Meade

My Process-

Stage one- Early on as the virus was being reported on from China, I was arrogantly dismissive. And as the virus spread I would scoff at the sterilizing wipes as I walked into stores, "I’m not changing my behavior because of what I judge as hysteria!”

Stage two- As fear spread, so did the virus. I became loudly opinionated, again to justify my righteous position to stay above the panic. I was not going to succumb to the, “chicken Little syndrome.

My truth is, I feel out of control and scared, and triggered by all the hypocrisy I see and hear around me: saying one thing and doing another, and not being authentic:Trump, friends, people at large. Perhaps revealing my projected hypocrisy.

Whereas grief tends to bring out authenticity and unity, I’m observing fear creating separation and distrust.

We are literally being told not to touch, this the new social distancing mandate. Where are the adults/ leaders bringing right action, a plan, modeling appropriate speech and actions, to address the issues we are all now facing, and present a calming and reassuring tone. In challenging times we need the rise of the King. Sadly, the King energy is rarely seen in our culture.

One of my primary love languages is touch, so this new norm is creating a heightened feeling in me of isolation and deprivation. It saddens me to think of the men on COMEGA’s leadership team meeting right now at our annual winter retreat, and not greeting each other with a hug.

Stage three-paranoia. How can I avoid touching anything: toilet or door handle, counter top, credit card machine…. and then not touch my clothes, phone or anything?! Fearful thoughts emerge. What if I get sick while being alone in my RV with no one to care for me? If everyone else is buying TP I better get some too! The herd mentality has taken over. What about the hospitals that are beyond capacity and not as highly rated as they are back East…? Fearful thoughts can be insidious.

Stage four- I seek quiet, grounded reflection / awareness , so I can be informed with knowledge both inwardly and outwardly. I go into nature and seek-out friends who are grounded, to find and connect with calm , thoughtful reflection, and the spirit of the great mystery.

I hold this virus as our Earth Mother stating loudly and clearly, “ Stop disrespecting me!” “Wake up!”

Our job is to wake up and pay attention, so we can make the necessary changes that will ensure sustainability and health. How have our individual and corporate actions continue to create issues that negatively impact life on our only home?

Fear can be a calling to move through an uncomfortable edge where you stop yourself from being fully you, or can be an important message to stop and re-evaluate your course of action, so choices can be made with vision, maturity, and discernment.

How do you process fear? What is fear's message to you?

What changes will you make to ensure our planet, communities, and your relationships are healthier in the future?

Wishing you all health and calm during these new and challenging times.

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