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Announcements -Mark your calendars now makes it Happen!

First, After nearly 20 years my book about men: Return to the Fire: To remember what we've long forgotten, Understanding and Celebrating Healthy Masculinity is at the publisher! Should be available by April !
Secondly, I along with Paul Gemme will be offering the COMEGA pre-gathering workshop COMEGA Pre- Gathering Workshop April 25th-26th . COMEGA weekend begins Friday late afternoon 26th-28th

Creating Healing & Meaning Through Ritual

Some losses have a significant impact, like the death of a family member or a close friend. Those we usually honor with a funeral or memorial service. But what about the other losses in our lives, the losses we hardly recognize as significant until one day, maybe during a time of melancholy or quiet contemplation, we encounter a fond memory that has left an indelible mark on our soul. A memory of a past friendship or former lover we no longer have contact with. Or maybe it's a passion or ability you once held dear, or an activity that gave you great joy but you’re no longer physically capable of doing. These subtle, or sometimes, very noticeable losses are often overlooked as having no impact on our psyche yet they continue to chip away at our ability to hold our goodness, sometimes resulting in feelings of shame or regret. These losses we may have deemed to be insignificant may not need a large rites of passageritual but they do need to be named, honored and placed on an alter to ritualize the impact they had in shaping us, regardless of what stage we are in our life. However, our modern culture is almost devoid of rituals to aid in the process of honoring and metabolizing the emotions associated with all the events that we face on almost a daily basis. In this experiential workshop we will explore our unacknowledged transitions and unexpressed emotions so that we can name them, and create rituals that will honor and support the incorporation of the richness and energy that has been withheld.

We will, through story, ritual, Individual & group activities and discussion, Name the emotions, events and transitions that call for our attention.

We will through: 

Story, ritual, Individual & group activities and discussion, Name the emotions, events and transitions that call for our attention.

 Define and create rituals that offer Healing & Meaning

 Be the archeologist of our lives to bring meaning into past experiences.

 Learn to metabolize our emotions to feed our souls

Thirdly, My offerings for the year! Jody Grose  &  Return To The Fire

  Programs for  2024

All programs held on the private Island Retreat Center in New Milford , CT. 


Father & son (grandfathers & grandsons welcome)Adventure Weekend

July 20-21

Sons 7-16

This weekend provides fathers and sons experiences that creates a bond and memories for life! Group challenges, games, stories around the fire, play, Island theater, free time, swimming, canoeing...fill the weekend experience with opportunities to joyfully celebrate and deepen your special relationship. Cost $325


Adirondack Canoe Trip

July 24-28


Imagine 5 days and nights in the beautiful wilderness of the Adirondacks. This Lake trip offers; connection with nature and self, community building, and FUN! Plenty of time in camp for: relaxation, excursions in canoe or hike, community, quiet time... All food and equipment provided, expect your personal gear. Cost $475


Men's Weekend 

Aug 3-4

"Path of the Open-Hearted Warrior"The focus of the weekend is to inspire and engage men is assessing and integrating their authentic power while embracing the freedom of full self-expression.

Many men feel a deep longing to be seen, appreciated, and to belong. Because of the cultural mandates that repress men’s feelings, and our shame-based society, men often live lives of quiet desperation. This weekend experience invites men to transform isolation into aliveness where their passion and courage are accessed! $350

Father & Daughter Bonding Weekend 

                 Aug. 24th -25th

          Daughters 7-16 yrs. old

This weekend provides fathers and daughters a rich and playful experiences that creates a bond, connection and memories for life! The days are filled with: group challenges, structured actives, father & daughter time, free time to swim, canoe, play… and more! $325


 Details & Additional offerings:

Personal counseling (Remote available)


Call now to enroll-Space is limited

For more information go to: or call

Jody Grose  203-731-7755



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