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Workshop:Creating healing & Meaning through Ritual

It's not too late- enroll by 4/17/24

COMEGA Pre- Gathering Workshop Thursday 4/25

Creating Healing & Meaning Through Ritual

Co-facilitated by Paul Gemme & Jody Grose

Some losses we experience have significant impact, like the death of a family member or a close friend. We normally honor those losses with a funeral or memorial service. But what about the other smaller losses in our lives? The losses we hardly recognize as significant until one day, maybe during a time of melancholy or quiet contemplation, we encounter a fond memory that we realize has left an indelible mark on our soul. A memory of a past friendship or former lover we no longer have contact with. Or perhaps it's a passion or an ability you once held dear, or an activity that gave you great joy, but you’re no longer physically capable of doing. These subtle, or sometimes, very noticeable losses can be overlooked as having no impact on our psyche yet they continue to chip away at our ability to hold our goodness, sometimes resulting in unexpected feelings of shame or regret.

These losses may have seemed insignificant, and maybe they don’t need a large rite-of-passage

ritual, but they do need to be named and honored. We can place them on an alter to honor the impact they had in shaping us, regardless of what stage we are in our life. However, our modern culture is somewhat devoid of rituals to aid in this process of honoring and metabolizing those emotions associated with all the memories and events we face almost every day.

In this experiential workshop we will explore our unacknowledged and unexpressed emotions so that we can name them and bring them to the light. In this way, we create a ritual that will honor and support the integration of the energy we have ignored.

During our time together we will work with story, ritual, individual and group activities, to name our emotions, events and transitions that call for our attention.

You will learn alternatives to create your own daily practice.

My book: Return To The Fire: Understanding & Celebrating Healthy Masculinity

Will soon be available through this website and through Amazon!

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